Wij wilden iets geks doen...die dames van de breiworkshop van dinsdagavond. En toen kwam het idee dat creatief zijn ook voor de goede doel kan! Op 19 oktober breien enhaken wij 24 uur lang. De opbrengst van de actie doneren we aan het Ronald McDonald Huis in Rotterdam In dit blog lees je alles over de voorbereidingen, de deelnemers en de uitkomsten.

We wanted to make something crazy...us, the ladies from the knitting club of Tuesday evening. And then came the idea that we can do something for charity! On 19th October we are going to knit and crochet 24 hours long and the margin we will donate to the Ronald McDonald Huis in Rotterdam.In this blog you can read about the preparations, the participants and the event itself.

zaterdag 21 september 2013

Meet the Team

Hi, my name is Kata and I come from Hungary. I live in Holland for nearly 4 years now. I've graduated from germanic linguistics and literature and now I am working in a customer service center. My hobbies are reading, music and of course crafts.

During primary school every summer I went to a summer camp for local arts and crafts. We learnt how to make woven bags, make folklore beaded necklaces and make pots of clay(where I come from this is a traditional articraft). Knitting and crocheting I've learnt from my mom but after grad school I forgot them. So when I kind of settled down in Breda I was looking for something that makes my house a home, and my gives my creativity an outlet. I followed different ranges of workshops in a bead shop in Breda - so I make jewellery mostly - and then I started to go to the Tuesday evening workshops at Anitas shop. So it happened.

I am so glad this is happening. I think this is a very good way of charity - giving something to gives you fulfilment to others in need.
In the project preparation I am mostly responsible for this blog - so if you want to see something more, drop me an email! (mereljewels at gmail)

Looking forward to the 24 hours knitting - a challenge but we will be there to support each other, so it will be soooo good!!!!

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